Outdoor lighting

The Luxon IoT Outdoor Node is designed for outdoor applications such as parking lots, area lighting, wall packs and walkways. The twist-lock connector enables easy field installation to any smart LED fixture with a standard Zhaga or NEMA socket.

  • Sustainable, better and safer lighting environment
  • Additional energy savings
  • Easy field installation
  • Flexible wireless control
  • Fixture brand independent
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How does the Luxon Outdoor Node work?

Simply connect the Luxon Outdoor Node to any Zhaga or NEMA 7 pin base standardized smart fixture designed for outdoor applications parking lots, area lighting, wall packs and walkways. Set up your Luxon account online, assign fixtures to groups (1 to 255), set light levels (10-100%), apply desired control strategies and you’re done.

Control strategy features

Twilight control
High-end trim
Motion control
Astro Time & Scene Scheduling

Sustainable, better lighting with maximized savings at no effort.

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