Cloud Services

The cloud platform consolidates data collected from the lighting network and integrated sensors to present valuable information and track progress in real time.

The intuitive web dashboard makes Luxon very easy to use and always up to date. Securely logon to your Luxon account on any PC or mobile device and enjoy a variety of online Apps to manage your lighting and get detailed insights like energy usage and savings, operating hours, emergency self-test and error notification.

The Luxon SwitchApp runs on your mobile device and permits authorized users to temporarily override lighting levels and schedules of zones in case of changing demands.

The Luxon SwitchApp is easy-to-use and displays actual dim levels to make overrides more intuitive. With the App you can also switch entire zones on or off.

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Luxon Cloud Features

  • Consolidated multi-site management
  • Energy usage reporting
  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Mobile App override control
  • Emergency Self-Test logbook
  • Astro Clock time control
  • Remote support
  • Extended warranty coverage

Luxon is offered as a Software as a Service model based on a subscription for licensed use of the software.

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