Indoor Lighting

The Luxon IoT Node has been developed to accelerate the adoption of connected lighting. It’s a cost effective and reliable solution to create a mesh network of high bay luminaires and gain full advantage of internet connectivity.

  • Sustainable, better and safer lighting environment
  • Additional energy savings
  • Easy field installation
  • Flexible wireless control
  • Fixture brand independent
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Sustainability all day long

Today the vast majority of companies still waste precious energy when leaving their lights on while there is really no need for it, some even leaving lights on when closed.

Luxon offers a simple lighting management solution that is also capable of controlling any existing lighting technology. Wireless control of lighting circuits enables you to stop wasting energy immediately. With minimal hardware and installation effort, establishing a simple lighting management system has never been easier.

With Luxon you have the right light, at the right time and in the right place with no waste of energy